NEW Eagle Tech Corp. is your local provider of surveillance solutions for commercial businesses and manufacturers located within a 100-mile radius of Green Bay.

A diverse group of commercial clients

We partner with commercial clients to install security cameras that fit their needs, whether you’re a manufacturer searching for a tool to monitor quality control and safety or a small business owner searching for protection from theft, vandalism, and fraud. Our specialty cameras keep an Eagle eye on the assets of a diverse group of enterprises, including bars and restaurants, farms, convenience stores, retail outlets, business offices, and more.

Staying within your budget

Manufacturers and businesses can rely on our experienced team to present ideas and recommendations that make the most sense for them and their budget. Eagle Tech Corp. is locally owned and operated, offering completely customizable and affordable security systems like a $799 basic 4 camera install. This gives you the peace of mind you need at a price you can afford.

Free, on-site assessment

We offer solutions that target your specific “hot spots,” like the equipment in a manufacturing plant or the cash registers, entryways, and parking lots of a retail store. We offer a free, on-site assessment at your factory or business to evaluate your security needs and recommend video surveillance solutions that are both unobtrusive and effective. We follow up with quick and expert installation, available 24/7/365 by our team of experienced professionals and backed by a 1-year warranty.

Live and remote viewing from anywhere

As Alibi Certified Professionals we are certified to sell, install and support all Alibi video management solutions. These top quality Alibi security products are backed by a 3-year blanket warranty. Common features for our commercial customers are video surveillance, video recording, motion detection, and night vision. With live, real-time viewing, users can monitor their business from anywhere by simply accessing a computer, smart TV, or the free app on their phones. They also can access their recorded surveillance footage remotely with their phone app or smart device.

Images can be recorded on multiple cameras at multiple angles, both day and night. These high definition, digital recordings provide clear images and details such as license plate recognition and facial recognition.

Take charge with access control tools

Our access control tools give owners and administrators the ability to lock, unlock, and track movement through gates and doors.

Contact us today

Call us today at 920-764-2888 or visit our showroom at 3816 Velp Avenue, Green Bay, to learn more about security cameras and video surveillance for your manufacturing plant or business.